All About BillKiller

BillKiller is an app for Android users which helps you cut your phone bills.
There are hundreds of available mobile plans on the market. These tariffs are different from each other in dozens of features like prepaid or contract based, monthly fee, free minutes and text

messages included in the plan, price of minutes and SMSs in own and foreign networks, net usage boundaries…
It is impossible mission for an average user to compare the value for money of the tariffs. This is the point where BillKiller can help you.

BillKiller gathers the real phone usage from your phone logs, filter the available plans which suit your needs and if you provide your current tariff, it can calculate the monthly and yearly savings with the cheaper mobile plans. You are able to change your plan via BillKiller app.

Features That Matter

Six Reasons You’ll Love BillKiller

How Much
You Can Save

BillKiller shows you the monthly and yearly savings with the cheaper mobile plans compared to your current one based on real data.

Amazing App Features

The comparison is based on your real phone usage including calls, text messages and mobile network usage.


There are hundreds of mobile plans on the market. These tariffs are different from each other in dozens of features. Impossible to compare.

Amazing App Features

BillKiller gathers the real phone usage from your phone logs, filter the available plans which suit perfectly for your needs.

Really Easy
to Use

You can find the best value for money tariff and change your current one in four easy and straightforward steps. Check them on the backside!

Amazing App Features

1. Gathering data from phone logs. 2. Provide your current plan to BillKiller. 3. Choose the best plan. 4. Change it through the App

Your Privacy Matters

BillKiller doesn’t send any data from your App to anywhere. All calculations are made on your side and we keep your privacy safe. No one can see your data.

Amazing App Features

We guarantee your privacy. You are our only clients and we don’t want to monetize your data. It is against our business model.

Online Plan Change

At the end of the easy and straightforward journey you are able to change your current plan to the best fitting and cheapest one online.

Amazing App Features

Service providers’ task is to arrange this move at the background and do the paperwork. It is not your job.


On top of our robust service and your privacy we care the most with your experience and the user interface to full-fill your needs.

Amazing App Features

BillKiller’s stunning UX and UI are the results of joint efforts with the best experts on the planet. Thanks for your feedback on that!

Cut Your Phone Bills

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Our Mission

The information gap between telco operators and their customers is huge and has not got narrower in the last decades. It is impossible mission for the average client (us) to choose the best value for money offer for our individual needs. Hundreds of mobile plans are available on the market which differs from each others in dozens of features.

Our mission is to revolutionise the current telco sales model when you can not make informed decision and should buy what you have been offered paying much more fee than it is necessary.

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Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

There are industries which haven’t been impacted by the “digital revolution” as much as the e-commerce, online hotel booking, navigation, flight ticket buying etc. These industries are for example the telco, banking, investment services, insurance. We are focusing on these services to revolutionise the user experience. We strongly believe, that these services which are hardly comprehensible by the customers can be reformed to be easily comparable. Informed decisions based on the real value for money can be valuable for the users and service providers as well.

Skills We Use

Business Development 95%
Strategic Thinking 90%
Team Spirit 98%
UX/UI 85%

Team Members

Ákos Sallai

Economist, serial entrepreneur. I built up businesses from scratch in the last two decades. My strongest skills are strategic thinking and business development.

Attila Halmai

Software developer, financial expert. I spent 20 years in the banking sector in different managerial positions. I worked on disruptive projects in the last 5 years.

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